ZX Spectrum – Recreated Model Recently Made Available

A technological flashback from the 80s has recently become available on the market – the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  It is a full – size recreation personal computer that includes features such as

  • Authentic rubber-key
  • Classic and modern play-control ofgames
  • Free Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum iOS/Android apps (including Chuckie Egg, Sinclair Basic, Game Bumble)
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum games and apps are available free of charge via the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Online web app

The keyboard can be used to control all games and apps on any device (i.e. Mac, PC, smart TV, etc.).  It is completely wireless using high Bluetooth 3.0 technology.  It is also portables, so you can use it for work or play whether you are in your living room, waiting at the airport, or at a coffee shop.  It is optimized for iOS and Android apps and games.  It also has a ‘QWERTY mode” that can be utilized for any apps that requires a full-sized keyboard.  It is compatible with many streaming devices such as Apple RV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and it even has a screen mirror option, where your MAC, TV, PC, etc. displays you device’s screen.  Updates are available for new and existing games and apps, so you can control it with your Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 

bluetooth-zx-spect_2779290bRecreated ZX Spectrum: New Games!

Wonderland Dizzy

Available via WonderlandDizzy.com

Up to her old tricks once again Daisy! Zaks has cast an evil spell over the forest of Keldor.  Join the Yolfolk and their friends as they are transported to Wonderland and help them solve puzzles, help witches, and save themselves while traveling down the rabbit hole.

Recreated ZX Spectrum: Exclusive Games!

With the Recreated ZX Spectrum users will have exclusive access to games that other contemporary ZX Spectrum devices wouldn’t have access to, including but not limited to ‘Chuckie Egg’ and ‘Manic Minor.’  These games will also be available on all devices that the Recreated ZX Spectrum are compatible with including phones, tablets, MACs, PCs, and connected TVs.  These games and applications will be availbe to buy on app and online stores. 

These games will be included as a free or moderately priced in-app purchase which can be bought through the Free Recreated ZX Spectrum iOS and Android apps via the user’s device.  The apps also be included in the online version of the FREE Recreated ZX Spectrum (currently being developed for Macs, PCs, and selected smartTVs). 

Chuckie Egg

You would think a country farmyard would be peaceful. Not with this games.  The “nasties” are out to get your corn, and you have to collect the eggs before they do so.  Beware of the crazy duck as well; if she gets out of her cage…oh boy!

Manic Miner

A fun, classic platform game. You must help Willy explore twenty caverns and collet the keys and exit each room before his oxygen supply runs out.  Beware Poisonous Pansies, Spiders, Slime, and Manic Mining Robot!

recreated-zx-spectrum-3-1500x1000Recreated ZX Spectrum: Games & Apps

Sinclair BASIC (48K and 128K) and a huge game bundle are also included in the FREE Recreated ZX Spectrum and web app.  With this you get more exclusive games such as Turbo Spirit, Saboteur and many others. 

You can find games and apps already available or soon to be through 3rd-party apps and online stores.  They are, or will be soon, listed below with apps store name and online links.  Users can also enter in the search term “Recreated ZX Spectrum” to find games through the app and online store.  As the FREE Recreated ZX Spectrum apps and web apps are updated you will find more games and applications available from within new and updated 3rd party apps and online applications.

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