What is ZX Spectrum?

There are many reasons to consider all of the technological products through the last four decades and all of the progress that has been made around the world. ZX Spectrum is one of those incredible products, especially for its various developments throughout only a ten-year period in the U.K. and other European locations through the 1980’s and into the early 90’s.

While I love both the history of the Spectrum and its relationship to the past computers of the United States, as well as the inspiration that is made for complete recreations being made today. This blog has been created so that I have the ability to share both the back-story of Sinclair and the Spectrum, as well as its latest reappearance in technology today. The recreation of the original ZX Spectrum.

I definitely think it is very interesting and unique that there is a recreation of a 1980’s computer to bring back all of the interesting gaming features along with the basic technology that was useable by all. It has brought back many of the initial games that were so popular with the early Spectrum hardware, but also a great number of new and special games that have been created for the latest Spectrum.

I think the ten-year history of the original ZX Spectrum is quite unique, especially for all of the updates and variations that were made throughout quick periods of throughout those ten years. In comparison to other computer development companies it is quite interesting that there was basically a release within under two years consistently for that time period, before they were outdone by competitors.

While the differences between the various Spectrum versions provided much advancement in the technology as well as the usability of the product, I was excited to provide a summary of these versions here in one blog. The history of the company progressed so quickly over ten years, along with each basic progression of technology with a new release.

There are so many games that have been available, both previously and currently, for play with the ZX Spectrum. Although it had to compete in the early 80’s with the Commodore 64 and others, along with the various PC and other gamers today. While over the years there have been thousands of games compatible with the early Spectrum, there are now thousands and thousands more that are available for the new model along with its compatibility with PC/Mac, Android, Connect TV and more.

I would definitely have to say that these blogs were interesting to research, and would be informational for others who consider the earlier Spectrum as only a gaming platform. There were other uses intended and developed including processing and spreadsheets, but the competition of other computing systems ended up beating them out in those formats. It’s an exciting system and I enjoy the ability to share it with all of you through these blogs!

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